Thursday, May 03, 2007

Crowded Sidewalks ©©

She walked down the street swaying on heels so high, she couldn’t see through the haze.

Dirty clothes reeked of men that touched her, where she didn’t remember.

Bodies knock her back and forth like a ghost unseen by the passing hordes.

A nothing stuck in a space void of life and soul, searching for what once was.

A hundred years passed in a blink as life left its mark on weathered skin, aging it past its 16 years.

Imprisoned by eyes from the shadows she walks her beat, the only beat she hears.

Sleep comes with a price for the forgotten few as they are swallowed up by the night.

Life is dark for some, as the light dims with every touch and feel of a prick.

Another dream starts as she walks her beat for another night while life passes by on crowded sidewalks.


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