Saturday, May 12, 2007

Grains Of Time ©©

The wind blows up the dust into a swirling veil, as I walk
Down the road.
The dusty canvas embraces me totally,
Choking me as I go.

Dancing shapes begin to form all around me
Whispering my name.
Blinded by the past, lost to the future
Times change.

Grains of sand wash my face, revealing a map
Of my life.
A joy mingled with such sadness as
Thunder claps its hollow hands.

Figures reach out, touching me
Wanting to be free.
Faces so young, yet so old
From some time ago.

An ocean of sand pours down on me
From high above.
A weight pushes down on me
Bringing me almost to my knees.

Swallowed up whole by the
Sands of time.
Sandy hands hold me up
Figures gather by my side, friends of old.

The enemy, sands of time
Rush past me.
Older than the earth
The past lives in it’s shadow.

My life lives for
All those before me.
My life lives for
All those after me.

The sands of time pour down
On me
The hourglass drains but never empties as long as there is
A tomorrow.


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