Sunday, May 06, 2007

Man Or Machine ©©

Clear rivers run black, as green grass turns brown then grey.
Trees go bare, leaves are blown away.
Stacks reach for the sky, pillar or tower.
Life turns to dust as the machine rises to power.

Fire scorches the Earth, at man’s own hand,
As smoke chokes the air before it settles in the sand.
Ashes cover the ground mingled with blood and sweat.
The machine races into the future, a sure bet.

Forests fall in the gray of day,
As rains of April drown the flowers of May.
Harmony and balance no longer exist here.
The machine roll on, madness spreads across the land out of fear.

Anger grows as tempers flare,
Rage builds as people look at land stripped bare.
WAR sweeps across the land as people shake fists in the air.
The machine rolls on …… it doesn’t care.

Man’s offspring,
From the start of birth when we heard it sing.
Mesmerized, HYPONITSED with it’s rhythmic beat.
The machine cranks up the heat.

Like children they grow, stronger, smarter,
As we grow older and weaker.
More is needed as the child grows.
Where the machine stops, no one knows.

Child of time,
Born from thought and covered with grime.
Swallows whole what it needs, wants to no end.
The machine RAGES on down the road and around the bend.


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