Thursday, May 31, 2007

To Exist Is Not Enough ©©

The clock ticks down and around.
A bell rings here for those standing over there.
Is it the start or the end?

Looking at my wrist and the time.
I have to ask what day it is.
Or is it still the same day or yesterday?

Stepping into a filled room, people stop to stare.
Staring back I wonder what they see.
Is it me they see or the one behind me?

I stand there looking over my shoulder at what my eyes see in the mirror.
My warm breath caresses my shoulder.
Am I my ghost?

My eyes watch me as I live an existence.
Is this who I am or who I have become?
Is it enough just to be or is there no room for me to be me?

Looking in from out to see today hoping tomorrow won’t go away.
Tomorrow may be the day freedom calls.
To live is more than to just exist, you got to be free.


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