Thursday, May 24, 2007

As Time Moves By ©©

Time moves slowly by, whispering my name
Calling me to keep playing the game.
I’ve seen life as I’ve seen death
Looking for a breath while walking down dusty roads.

I stumble onto your path, filled with life
Did you see me then, could you be my wife?
Paths converge out of the shadows of night
Guiding me by the hand into the light.

Sunny days, moon lit nights fill the skies
Day or night I live in your eyes.
Life is sweet as time moves on into tomorrow
Nothing can darken this day but sorrow.

We laugh, we sing, we dance to our song
We waited for this moment for so long.
The music plays our melody
Until forever, you will see.

Tomorrow is far away
Yet I think of that day.
When you’ll be gone and nothing will be the same.
Time moves slowly by, whispering my name.


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