Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Wish For You ©©

I wish wishes came true, just for you.
I wish days were always bright like the stars in the night.
I wish tomorrow was today and everything was ok.
I wish all dreams were real.
I wish your heart would heal.

I wish no one were mad or sad.
I wish life were a sweet thing for you to dance and sing.
I wish every beat were a step for happy feet.
I wish I could pick you up when you’re down
I wish I could turn your frown.

I wish there were no goodbyes only highs.
I wish there were no more fears or tears.
I wish it would rain to wash away the pain.
I wish we all were innocent.
I wish I knew what life really meant.

I wish I were blind, to times left behind.
I wish I didn’t know, what I know.
I wish there was a truth.
I wish I could make things right.
I wish I could make your life bright.

I wish I could show you what love is or was.
I wish I new where tomorrow lay, maybe just across the bay.
I wish life was perfect but there is always a defect.
I wish all wishes came true, just for you
I wish……….


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