Monday, May 21, 2007

Unbound ©©

From the beginning of time the shackles jingled.
Crawling on all fours, struggling to stand only to fall.
Every step shortened, guarded, held back as the open road lay bare.

Fire burns deep with a yearning, a desire, a want to run out there.
The rope it's untied but the weight pushes down weakening each step.
On all fours I am strong, but can’t run free.

Scurrying like rats through a maze, looking for the end, but.
Running in circles, guided by the guardians of the maze.
The door to the outside and the light of the sun or moon waits.

A breeze is a reminder of what lays ahead.
The scent you crave waits in full blooming glory.
Just down that road.

A step planted deeper, a foot pushes up slowly
The next goes deeper , the wind combs your hair.
Each step comes faster as hands come off the ground.

A wind stirs the embers to a glow as you soar.
Upright on two strong legs tomorrow looks brighter
Free to fly through the meadows chasing the scent of freedom.

Life stands before your outstretched arms, fingers grasping.
But the weight of the rope pulls you down as the shackles jingle
A moment of freedom is a lifetime of memories.

I may crawl through life on all fours with the weight of the world pushing down, but.
There will be days when I will stand full of strength.
Those are the days we live for, when we feel free inside.


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