Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Tree ©©

Like a tree standing in an open field
I stand here naked for all to see
Surrounded by scattered leaves crumbling with each step
My time comes and passes with the seasons

A breeze sweeps in rustling the ground back to life
Memories rush back
Bursting with flaming color and joy
Life reaches up one last time before the snow falls

Reaching high into the limbs, searching for the past
Nothing is the same any more
Only thing left is to dance a slow song meant for me
A wind whistles a song out of time

Flames rise higher than the limbs ever reached
Swirling graceful intertwining among grasping fingers
Like lost thoughts trying to come up
The leaves sore high above

The breeze slows to a whisper
The flames flutter slowly down
Back to the ground they rest once more
Forgotten thoughts as the ashes of time slowly go by

In a field stands a tree, naked to the light
Void of any leaves
In a field stands a tree, waiting for a breeze to come by
To play a tune to start the dance and memories once more


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