Thursday, July 05, 2007

Endless ©©

What will time bring me?
Health, hope or just hell
Or is hell on earth and we created it?

Another day comes and leaves like the one before.
Monday is like Sunday but where is Tuesday and when is Wednesday?

I struggle to understand what can’t be understood.

When will life tell me I count?
How many struggles are enough?
Or when they are to many?

Are lives equal or are other worth more?
Reality is a cruel reminder that life is no all equal
Everywhere people suffer because of others

Young or old it makes no difference.
Once you see what life has to offer you want to hide.
Under moonlit skies people wish, we wish but to who for what?

Where does time go when it passes?
How do you count the minutes?
Or seconds, hours, days… when you don’t want them to pass?

Another day comes and goes.
Routine becomes life; life is the time.
Everyone goes through the same motions as time passes.

Why must I be what others want me to be?
Endless is time but not mine and what of yours?


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