Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tic Toc ©©

Does time go tic toc?
Or does time go toc tic?
Or is time silent?

How do we measure time?
Do you look at the digits climbing one at a time?
Or are they really counting down?

Do you watch an arm sweep across the face of a dial?
Is it marking time?
Or is it wiping away the past?

Do you mark time with the changing of the leaves?
Or by the length it takes to rake them up?
Do you roll around in them to remember?

Is time marked on a door jam or wall in inches and years?
Or is it in centimetres?
If you wash the wall will time go away?

Where does time go when it’s used?
Can you use it again?
Do you want to?

Does time get old?
When was time born?
Does time die?

When will I know time when I see it?
Will it know me?
What if I miss my time?

Time, where does it go?


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