Saturday, August 11, 2007

Madness ©©

Born out of darkness, baptized by light
Turmoil runs through my veins
Realization becomes madness
Disaster and mayhem come by day
Lovers hungry for attention, standing in my way

My world spins out of control
Life is but a blur as time whizzes by
I start and go to where
I don’t know
Maybe where madness lives

I drift all around to every noise and sound
Yet, I still feel bound
People stand around
Spectators to my madness
Blind witnesses

Love, hate or is it love to hate, hate to love
Madness is all I see all around me
Clawing through life
Footprints on my back
You must learn to crawl before you walk they say

How could one leave serenity to enter a noisy world
It was simple before
In the darkness you only love one; the light has many loves
Why would someone want this
It can only be madness


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