Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Sit Alone ©©

In the dead of the night is when I think the most.
That’s when my memories come to visit while I play host
I sit alone in the dark, in the corner thinking of days gone by.
Most were fun, some were not but all were the same, as I was high

In the dead of night, that’s when I think of you.
Smokin a spliff, I wonder if all the things you said, were true.
I sit alone in the dark in my little corner of the universe
Listening to the words of that last verse.

In the dead of the night is when silent voices could be heard
Bittersweet songs sung by a little bird
I sit lone in the dark, that’s when I see what I didn’t in the light
Only dark silence can bring truth in the dead of night


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