Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dirty Windows ©©

I look out the window and see where I want to be
I want to run out there just to be free, to get lost, away from all to see
But chains bind my soul
A prisoner lost, kept in this deep dark hole

Sirens sing in the silent night as lights flash by and out of sight
Signals, alarm clocks singing through the night
My glass prison keeps me away
From freedom and what I want to say

I just want to run away from it all
No more burdens, no reasons, no more wall
Is it possible to be free, to get up and go
I know I can’t find it where I hide, this I know

As I look up at a clear night sky
I wonder if I could reach up that high
To touch the heavens would be a gas
But this window, this glass, is just one big pain in the ass


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