Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Constant Sorrow ©©

Is it love?
Does it feel like this?
Why must it hurt to be true?

You run.
You run as fast as you can, trying to get away.
But you can’t get away from it; the monkey’s riding your back.

It’s a big world out there for you to pick and choose.
But what will you give for what you want?
Just keep running, running away.

You stop to look at what you feel
There’s nothing to touch
There is no pain… no hurt… no love.

It can’t be real if it doesn’t hurt.
You know there can be no love unless there is a price
It’s the pain that you feel that makes it real.

It’s a big world in the early morning light
As you are running
Running into the sunlight until the end of time

Looking for what’s real
Willing to pay the price
Pain is what makes it real


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