Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stepping Out ©©

Dim the lights, sit back and let it go
Laying there limply letting your soul seep through your pores
Letting the inside take a step out for breath of life

Close you eyes and think back to a time when life was bright, new
Look at your reflection in time and see the glow
The smile of a child don’t you know

Reach out and feel a heart beat from long ago
Touch your excitement
The zest for life

You look out into the future with innocent eyes and see
You see a future you wanted to have
A future yet to be realised

You open your eyes and feel your soul coming back to you
Fresh, full of life
Your fingers tingle with newfound energy

You can feel your heart beat stronger in your breast
As you sit there in that chair looking out the window
A future lies out there yet to be realised


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