Sunday, September 16, 2007

In The Dead Of Night ©©

In the night is when I feel what life is about
Alone in the streets, out of sight
A hunter and prey in a vast emptiness
Wandering through shades of grey

Whispers reach out from the darkness
Some are cries
Some laughter
Most tremble with fear

Shadows withdraw as I walk by
Repelled by the hideous fear of the unknown
This is my realm, the path I walk
My patch of existence

Here it’s all black or white
It either is or isn’t
There are no saviours only survivors
The night holds the soul of life

What hides in the shadows of your darkest dreams no one knows
In the alleys or in the comfort of your bed, shadows form in the night
You press into the deepest corner, blankets pulled close
Your fears will darken your life wherever you hide


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