Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rhythm ©©

I begun this journey to the tune of a song
Sweet, upbeat tune that told me nothing could go wrong
Hands clapped, feet moved with the rhythm of that tune
We danced life away from midnight until noon

From place to place we went
The songs all played just the way they were meant
We danced and sang to the early morning light
It all started in the night

Time passes, the music changes while you stay the same
Tomorrow becomes yesterday and you become what’s his name
Friends’ come and go like notes to a long lost song
Drifting away on a cloud to a place you don’t belong

The journey continues to the rhythm of a new beat
Music not as old but just as neat
I look back with a fondness to the music of life that once was in so many places
Hear the music, the laughter, seeing all the faces

I slide along listening to the sound of my feet
Listening to the shoes slip and tap along the street
It’s not the same as it was so long ago
Softer, a little sluggish maybe even slow

The music plays on and on to the rhythm of my song
As I dance down that long path towards an early morning dawn
Chased by a sunset
Wanting me to stop but I’m not ready yet

As long as my feet can walk and be happy
I can dance and try to be me
The music plays on as I stumble along
Waiting, listening for that tune, that one sweet sweet song


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