Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Full Moon Rising ©©

I look up and see a full moon rising high in the night sky
Full and bright, beaming with an ever glowing light
I look up and wonder if there can be a more beautiful sight than that
Life looking down at you and smiling

Clouds wave past as it now winks down at me, sparking naughty thoughts
Thoughts we all have but put away until we need a little confidence
A little zest from the outer layer of our soul
A full moon rising waking up dormant pixies

Its glow baths me with its radiant fire, setting me ablaze in the dark night
Filled with new energy cleansing me of any doubt
The night sky blossoms with hopes and dreams as they come flooding down to earth
One can only dream, the future is for the dreamers the rest stay behind

There’s a full moon rising into an early dawn towards a new moon and rebirth
A brighter star, much closer hides its glow, but I know
I see what once was reflected through blind eyes
There will always be a tomorrow even if you can’t see it as long as there are dreamers willing to dream.

Care to dream


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