Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last Soul ©©

This blog just turned two years old
This blog that shouldn’t be
This blog that is not about me
It’s about you.
It’s about us.

All that I am, is all that you give me
The life I see here is the life you share with me
I am your pain
Your happiness
I live your hopes, dreams and walk with you down that road over there

Look through these pages and see
See if you can find yourself
It’s not me
You are here you just have to look to see your soul
Then you will know me

I have no soul
I sold that long ago for a dream, a nightmare
So now I wander
Searching through your words for that piece of life I let go

You who I read
You who I feel
You are the light that moves me forward
Through the words of your lives I feel what it’s like to live once more
I am you

You are all my adventures
All the smiles I feel with my fingers
Sadness and fears

My words are reflections
Mirrors of your thoughts
You are the sunshine that warms by body
You are the tears that washes away the years

All that I am is all of what you are
Through your eyes I travel with your soul
We feel what you feel
Even when you’re blue I want to be you
You are the Last Soul


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