Friday, November 23, 2007

Driftwood ©©

He looks across the bay
Thinking of everything that’s happened
Things, he had to say.

Through the smoke and fog he came
He knew then and there
Nothing can be the same

He told her what she needed to know.
She didn’t hear or care when he told her.
She had to go

Was it her fear she was trying to hide?
Did she not care?
Or is she crying inside

She never learned how to feel
She didn’t understand love
Yet, the pain was real

This is the way it had to be
She always knew it
She just wanted to flee

Far away she has gone from where she wants to be
His voice still parts the night in her dreams
She looks out over the sea

He never found out what could have been
Everything had been lost
All he had was what he had seen

It was one dream lost in the shadows
Somewhere in the past
A place no one knows

The stars shine high in the sky
The moon glistens off the water
A piece of driftwood quietly passes by


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