Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lost ©©

I stand in the corner of a crowded world
Around me is the hustle and bustle of life
I see it standing there all alone at the center of the world
In the center of a churning mass of flesh it stands….lost

I move to one side to watch as most spectators do
Tiny eyes claw at the faces as they rush by
The pillars of society brush by not seeing what’s at their feet
To busy to stop and find something that’s ….lost

A child in the wilderness all alone
Waiting for the one person to look
To look down and see a little life
Waiting right there in the center of the universe….lost

Life moves so fast
There is no time to slow down
Or to stop and see something, something little
Something that’s …..lost

Life is a child that needs to be found and enjoyed


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