Sunday, December 02, 2007

Memories ©©

I sit here listening to time tick by
Each second a heart beat, a moment
A beat to a song sung by a thousand thoughts
A million memories

My finger taps the tabletop with a familiar rhythm
Each second is equal in length
Yet, each beat sounds different
Memories change in time

The left hand drums a chorus
My right tells the story
My heart swims through choppy waters as my soul drowns
Memories, a scrap book to the past

The arm on the clock ticks slowly by
A foot taps the floor
Eyes close the door so another can open to yesterday
Memories dance all around

Faces dance by with every tick
A warm rain trickles down
Feelings rise and fall with joy or sadness
Memories fuel the soul when reality slips away

What I had that was good and bad
When I was happiest or saddest
It’s all back there, just as this is
After all this is just another memory to remember tomorrow


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