Monday, December 03, 2007

Climbing Hills ©©

It’s been a long road
Far from home
Times have been hard
Down this path

Where have I been?
Where will this journey take me?

There has been pain
From those I love
Happiness came from strangers
I didn’t know

What have I felt?
Can I feel anymore?

Dark skies and rainy nights
Covered me as I travelled along the way
Far I have come
So many miles down this road

When will the sun rise?
How will my soul once again awaken?

I have lived life
On my terms
I have paid the price
It costs more than most know

How rich was I?
Was it worth it?

So far I have come
To see you
Eternity is only over the next hill
I guess I just need to keep going

Where is tomorrow?
How do I get there?


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