Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blowing In The Wind ©©

When will a new day come
Will I see the sun rise
Do I want to or would I rather live a dream
A dream everyone has

A dream of peace and quiet
In a place where birds sing and children dance
A place filled with love without hate
A mystic land across a sea

A sea of blue water
Pure, clean, cold and calm
Graceful as a kite skipping on a warm breeze
High up in the sky

A sky so vast and clear
Filled with life
Birds and butterflies coast overhead
Looking down

Down to the earth and the world
A world filled with anger
Anger that spills all over like a disease
A plague

A plague that consumes all life
Life that can only exist with peace
Peace, will I see it before
Before they put me in the cold, cold ground


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