Thursday, December 13, 2007

Moonlight ©©

In the light of the moon
I see what I miss the most
The night brings out my desires
A yearning for what once was

No matter the season
The night air awakens lost memories
It’s in the silence when I hear the calling
The voices from the past

I have become a relic
One of the last of my kind
Condemned I stand lost in Purgatory
As the crowds swirl around in a whirlwind

Once many of us roamed the land
Searching for something
Something new
A dream

Nomads of life in search of tomorrow
Looking for what made your soul feel alive
Love was a luxury filled with pain
Yet …….

My eyes are lost now
What I see today is strange to my heart
Not even the darkness can shed light on this
This void that has grown over time

I see people walking around like ghosts
Ghosts passing through time while a few watch
I see the souls of my brethren as they bleed
On the sidewalks and park benches

As time dims the light of the moon
We will slowly fade away, until
Until one day someone will remember
What life was like to be free of our bonds

In the night sky we look up, us few
We search for that one star that shines the brightest
The one that lures us to that hope
The hope that we all seek


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