Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I ©©

I have played
I have sang
I have cried
I have said it all
I have not been heard

I have looked to the stars
I have traveled the skies
I have seen the world through virgin eyes
I have seen it all
I am blind

I have lived
I have died
I have tried
I have done it all
I still manage to fall

I have felt the rain wash over my soul
I have felt the sun shine down on me
I have felt the warmth of love
I have felt the freedom of loneliness
I still look for love

I have wondered about life
I have bared witness to my existence
I have dreamed about tomorrow
I have gotten lost
I want to be found

I have to keep on going
I have to smell what I haven’t smelled
I have to touch what I haven’t touched
I have to feel what I haven’t felt before
I’m afraid to find what’s on the other side of tomorrow


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