Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Valley ©©

I coasted up the hill to the top and turned
I looked back down into the valley below me
A dark figure runs across the bottom

A figure of youth stands at the mouth of this valley
Like the wind he bolts over green pastures
Life chases after him

Every step, leap, every movement forward or back
Every second that passes
His gait gets older from the start

I look down upon this young man
Now not as young as the years pass
The valley is a vast expanse but life is still chasing close behind

Arms spread out to the air like a bird
He tries to soar but he wasn’t meant too
Grounded to the earth he races on

His steps slow yet he is moving faster across the valley floor
As his youth withered away
Life caught up with him

An old man strides to the end of the valley
Is it the end or the beginning he wonders?
As he looks back at his footsteps, he sees the young man looking down on him.

Was it really that long ago?


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