Friday, December 28, 2007

365 Memories ©©

Another year has come and gone
12 months, 365 days have passed
Another year of memories, smiles, tears, fears, love
The seasons mark the passage of time

Spring came first with the birds singing a sweet song
Waking the earth with their tune, dancing from morning till noon
Life blossomed almost over night
Doors opened to the world once more

A summer filled with sunshine smiled down
Warm rays wiped away any chill left behind
Baptized in nature
Left lost to the future

It’s a cold wind that pushes in fall with its gloomy skies
Splashing a rainbow of color across the landscape, setting it ablaze
The sky opens up its soul and cries down on world
Begging us to grab hold of summer one last time before the cold comes

Cold fingers creep in gathering the souls from the trees as the fell to the ground
Soft flakes of winter lay on a bed of leaves long gone from their mother
A white blanket hides the old while it waits for the new to arrive
It’s a long dark night that summons in a New Year

Spring is near
The snow will give way
The souls will once again be free to rise up to the trees
Until next year


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