Saturday, January 05, 2008

Today ©©

New is here with another year
Will it be as bold as the year gone old or silent as my soul
Every step I took brought me here
Leaps and bounds only left me lying on the ground

It was here I came to learn that I was lost
Forward I went into the beyond
Into the darkness I wade to find tomorrow
Light can only be found in the darkness

Through life we spread our arms
We swim through the waves of laughter
Battle the tide of change
Drown in a pool of tears

Failure stretches out like a carpet
Yet we walk out defiant to win
Bound to lose with your soul as the shield
Hope is your sword

On the steps of time we measure the future
The past is our destiny
What we go through in life, we do to achieve a better today
We wade through the darkness towards tomorrow

On the way through another year filled with todays


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