Saturday, February 09, 2008

Home In The Shadows ©©

What do you do, when you can’t find your way home?
What if you don’t want to?
Maybe I want to be lost
Maybe I don’t want anyone to ever see me again
Maybe, maybe, maybe I just don’t know

The world is so big yet I am drowning in it
Up to here in shit and hell
Everything is slipping down hill like a freight train
Yet I stand at the bottom looking up at it coming
Waiting, waiting for what?

Alone on this bench I wonder what remains
What’s left to do?
I sit among the filth I call home
Once a paradise that became a garden
Shadows walk the streets now

Miles of concrete stretch out before my feet
Looking for streets of gold
Years of footsteps pass
Miles of life wasted
Time drifts into the past

Home, where is it and why do I want to be there?
I stand alone on this dark corner
My skin, rain soaked and cold
Yet warmer than the emptiness I feel inside
The sky is crying with me again tonight

A shadow has no home, only darkness and forever


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