Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Time Passes By ©©

Time passed by and there is nothing I can do to stop it
Life moves on a steady path as precious seconds tap out their beat out on the clock
As time passes to tomorrow, reality becomes more real as the years go passing by
The numbers on the clock tick down

Where, oh where have all the years gone
All the days of laughter now turn to rain, drowning my sorrows
The children are grown and dead by the side of the road
Memories bleed into the sewers, with the rest of the piss and shit

As the years go passing by, the light grows dimmer with time
These tired eyes have seem to much
Yet there is still more to see
How blind I have been all these years

So much to do but no where to start
So much to see but there’s nothing to look at
So much to take in but I am to full
How far can the beginning be

As the years go by and the darkness grows
Time slows down just for one short time
The seconds become hours
The hours are days; the years are infinite

Tomorrow is forever, so live for today


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