Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bluer Than Blue ©©

Look at the sky
Bluer than blue
Like my mood since you walked out that door.
One last time, forevermore

It was a crying shame
But there’s no one to blame
Blue is the color I feel
Blue as the sky is real

Down the street I walk
I see and hear all the talk
Down the road I go
To where, I don’t know

Bluer than blue skies surround me
As I walk down this road to nowhere
Looking far ahead, for a sign to see
A sign to show me the way home, to the life I have to bear

Bluer than blue sky hangs up above
Looking down, on me
Covering me like a glove
A cold rain-washes down and the blues away

Yet loneliness surrounds me
The sky gets bluer than blue
Darkness creeps in making it hard to see
The sky turns to night but I’m still bluer than blue

In the morning the sun is up from where it grew
The sky is bluer than blue
The day is new and my mood
Isn’t as blue


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