Saturday, February 02, 2008

Anyone Can ©©

Can anyone see
Where am I heading
Can anyone tell me
How far I am supposed to go

Right now
I’ m lost
Right now
I’m looking, for my way

Can anyone show me
What is right
Can anyone tell me
What is wrong

I know what
I am supposed to do
I know I am doing wrong
But it feels right

Can anybody find me
In this dark abyss
Can anyone lead me out
To where you are

The darkness is all around
It’s my security
My home
The blanket that keeps me safe

Can anyone come
Stay, before it’s time to go
Can anyone show me
What’s missing

This trip is longer than expected
A thousand souls have touched mine
I am lost without hope

Can anyone see in the night
Without the light
Can anyone find me
In the Darkness


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