Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blinded By Life ©©

I stare out to a universe, so big
To find something meant for me
Out there, in that vast blue sky
There is someone standing there waiting for me to see

Through the leaves in the trees I watch the sky
Hoping to get a glimpse of tomorrow
But all I see is dark clouds going by
Whille at my feet, there is nothing but sorrow

No one is around
Not a soul, to stop and say hello
So many I know that are nowhere to be found
With everyone I loose, the echo gets louder in my growing hallow

Every step I take, I leave something behind
Yet I keep walking ahead, towards a dieing sun
Hoping one day I will stop being blind
So I can see when I could stop crawling and start to run

If everyone could see what I see, what I know
They would want to go where I want to go
Maybe someone will find me
Maybe they already know where

It’s a big universe but a small world


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