Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just Passing Through ©©

There come a day when time runs out
A time when everything that you once knew
Seen and lived
Comes before you

There comes a day when all that you loved, hated, envied
Lays in front of you to weigh
In our thoughts we have seen and saved for this day
This day of judgment

There comes a day when the sun sets for the last time
A sunrise is but a distant memory now
Tomorrow is here
Today is the last day

There comes a day when the past will weight against you
Will it be a burden or the wings of glory, that will help you rise
To the heavens above the past to a new beginning
A new tomorrow

There comes a day when the silence will fill a room
A day when the darkness and silence will make more noise than life itself
For death is but the celebration of life
And new beginnings for the living


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