Friday, February 29, 2008

Washed Away ©©

The rain pounded down on my body
I lay out in the open,
In the dark
All alone

I search for the strength to push my self up
But my body just wants to stay there in life’s puddle
The heavens pissing down on me
Beaten to the ground

My fingers unyielding grasp for something to hold
My soul rallies the energy but I don’t want to move
Down here the fight is over
There is an end if you just lye down and accept it

Why do these arms work so hard to push up?
Why bother standing up to be knocked down once more?
Why must the soul find that one bit of strength that you have been hiding?
How can these legs want to stand?

The rain pours down over my body as I stagger down the street
I could see the street lamp at the end of the road.
I wonder what it has so show.
Or is it my spotlight?


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