Monday, March 03, 2008

Rhythm Of The Beast ©©

When the sun goes down and the moon rises
The energy levels rise
When the stars fill the sky with their bright glow
The smiles on people’s faces radiate

When the wind picks up squeezing through the cracks making music
Making you want to find that sound
When the leaves and bits of paper float up and swirl dance
So do everyone’s feet

When the lights light up the night
Doors open, people appear in the streets
When the sirens scream by, the horns blare
People hop, skip and move out of the way

When the sidewalks light up
They come to life with the smiling faces of people
When the pulsating hoards move down the path
The dens fill with the sounds being sought

When the doors swing open
Music fills the streets
When the pulsing walls reach out and pull in the masses
A heartbeat fills the room as people file in

When the rhythm caresses their soul
Their heads enter a new state of beingWhen the music enters their hearts and enter the dream
They begin to sway back and forth

When the volume goes up
Arms and feet move with the rhythm
When the lights flash and world is winking back at you
You take it by the hand and go wall to wall

When the bass pounds the walls
People’s feet pound the floor
When smoke fills the room
Everyone dances in the clouds

When the nectar fills the glasses
Spirits are set free
When the night moves on
The world sings in tune

When the clock strikes twelve, madness erupts
People go into a frenzy
When there is nothing left to give
The pulse in the walls begins to die to a whisper

When the music stops and the doors close
The people fill the sidewalks once more
When the beast is released to run free
The soul is rejuvenated

When the clocks strikes three am
The streets are quiet once more but for the wind singing in the cracks
When the sun rises again
The beast awakes, satisfied

Until the next time


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