Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dead Echos ©©

I walk down streets paved in filth
The homeless litter the alleys
Shadows follow your every step
Waiting to swallow you up when you get to close

I walk down cold concrete streets
Each step bounces off concrete walls all around
Dead steps on dead ground
Waiting for you to lay down one last time to swallow your heartbeat

I walk down streets paid for in blood by those before
Every step marks a life
Their voices scream from under our feet
Tears water the sewers

I walk down streets that were once green
Pathways through trees and blossoming flowers
Wild animals played together, existed in peace
Each step fell silent on living ground

I walk down streets where there was no sound of machines, once
The wind was filled with music sung from the trees not metal boxes
Bright colors filled the day
Their scent filled the night

I walk down the street following a crack in the ground
I follow it from left to right and to the end
A yellow dandelion waits for me as it crawls out from the ground
It’s roots trying to reclaim what is rightful theirs

I walk to the end of this street and look my reflection staring back at me
Do you know my name
A sweeper passes by up the street behind me
Taking everything with it

I walk back up the street and stop
I look down and there is nothing left
Just grey concrete but the roots remain
Waiting for the day to return and brighten up our lives


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