Friday, April 18, 2008

Lovers In The Mist ©©

Bright stars light up the night sky, staring down
The moon shines down on a quiet meadow
A mist caresses the lush ground
Slowly slipping through every blade of grass

A cool breeze kisses the leaves in the trees
Hugging its branches
Sending its scent across the valley
The fresh scent of cherry blossoms fills the air

The frogs announce the night
Crickets serenade the moon
A loon sings its song
The earth reaches up to touch the sky

Through the tall grass
Shadows move back for the mist
Dancing with the night air
Clad in a mystic mist

Through the night
To the early morning dawn
The song plays
Two lovers sail over a quiet meadow

The brightest star rises to lower the curtain
The moon fades and the stars dim
The mist recedes to its crevices and the dancers, disappear
The night has faded into tomorrow

The wind and the earth dance every night
With the moon as their spotlight.
Two lovers that only come out at dusk
To dance for the stars to watch


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