Sunday, July 13, 2008

Black Moon Rising ©©

The moon shines down on me
Taking me in its arms
Cradled among my dreams
The bosom of my thoughts

So many thoughts swim past
These eyes have recorded so much
Witnessed the myths
Lived the unliveable

A billion memories
Yet only a fraction of a second in the fabric of time
Now it’s all a blur as it speeds by
Memories I had forgotten or wanted to forget

I have seen the smiles on faces
The tears in some cases
Felt the love when I saw hearts sing
Watched hate consume everything

I’ve seen a child come into the world
Screaming with life
I watched an old man leave this earth
On a park bench he left, with a whimper

Smoke and clouds move in before me
Protecting my conscience from what’s real
Leaving me with my dreams and memories
On the surface of a full moon

A cold northern wind sweeps down
Whipping my soul with its cold fingers
Waking me to reality
Pushing the clouds away before me

Unveiled I now see what I always knew
Unmasking what I couldn’t see
In a veil of obscurity we live
With the truth, infront our eyes

The truth won’t set you free but you will always have a full moon to dream with.


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