Monday, July 14, 2008

A Meal Called Life ©©

Sitting here on this bench
I look across waving fields of green
Black ribbons of tar and stone carve it up into roads
Paths taking you to different places, different dreams

The green grass on either side beckons
Their hypnotic lure, subtle and deceiving
Their gentle motion moves you with its promise
Swept away, filled with hope

Many choose to go down different paths
Leading them into the wilderness
Some never come back
Lost forever from themselves

Others return, but different
Not the same as they were before they swam into the tall grass
Tainted by the unknown
Spoiled forever from being what they set out to be

Or, was that their destiny
Is that what life is about
Are your dreams what must be shattered for reality to exist
And what of hope

Our dreams are the fruits of our hearts
Reality is the meat of our existence
Only a few get to eat the fruits they desire
The rest could only marinade their meat with the dripping juices of life


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