Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whirlwind ©©

Time and time again
Second after second
Breath after breath
I feel something no one else can feel

Moment after passing moment
My thoughts go to the same places
I pull at the reins with feeble excuses
Yet a weakened will allows me to be pulled in

Lost to these thoughts
Blinded by what’s wrong
Stopped at the edge of no where
Looking down into never again

A voice at the back of the fog tries to be heard
But it’s to far to be heard
A stronger voice beckons
One more step to reach the clouds far below

This is the nature of the beast
It’s lure of lust and pleasure
To be free once more of mortal restraints
To soar with the angels before you plummet into hell

On the edge of midnight we all stop
Looking over the edge
Then from side to side
A chill blows from behind

Four choices wait before us
To the West lay all our dreams
In the East is a new tomorrow
From the South is the past

The North is where the cold wind blows


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