Friday, July 11, 2008

The Match ©©

Standing in the corner of my life
Deep in a shadow shrouded by time
Only the glow of a dieing cigarette betrays me

Here I watch and wait
What I see is a dieing world
What I am waiting for is the end

There was a time when man stood on the cusp of forever
Today he stands at the dawn of destruction
The seers of yesterday have blinded those of tomorrow

Like a lit match glowing in the darkness we grew
With every year since we created a bigger match
One that could brighten the heavens like a glowing star

The spark that ignites it is sharp and precise
It flares up like a shooting star burning across the sky
Streaking through the night carrying many a wish on its journey

But like the match I hold between my fingers it slowly dims
Then without the explosion of its arrival, is fades away
Leaving the dieing embers and ash as proof of it existence


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