Monday, July 28, 2008

The Symphony ©©

Soft winds blow through quiet valleys
Pushing sweet music from the earth
Magical flutes
The thud of drums bouncing off the trunks of trees
The rustle of leaves and grass that whisper the lyrics
While the birds sing in harmony

The wind whips up the beat
Bringing the dancing feet of clattering stones from the hillside
Squirrels chatter from the treetops
While rabbits dance with the deer in the meadows below
A fine spray of mist from the lake kisses them when the swans applaud
The moon smiles down on them

Clouds swirl in to the howling of the caller
Thunder claps to the beat as the dancers whirl into a maddening frenzy
Round and around they go
To the sounds of a world untouched
Stomping, kicking, running all over to the four corners of existence
Here there and everywhere stomp kick scream for the passion of life

A symphony for those who are lucky today
For tomorrow, we never know what will bring


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