Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Crystal Planet ©©

Windows to the right
More on the left
Glass reflections of the past
Litter my memories

Fossils long gone
Then buried out of sight
Only to be dug up
When least expected

I see my whole life bouncing
Off of glass walls as I move forward
The future lays ahead
Littered with the past across its bow

Out of the wilderness glass towers grow
Up to touch the skies
Into the clouds
Maybe even the heavens

Walls made of crystal
Reminding me of whom I am
Where I’ve been
Maybe where I want to go

New towers sprout out of the ground
Spreading like blades of grass across the land
Pushing what was once alive and green away
For an artificial tomorrow until there is no more green one day

The grains of time forged these crystal monoliths
Pillars to reach the gods above
While the future crumbles below our feet
Until our reflections erode into the sands of time for the future to find


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