Monday, August 25, 2008

Time Traveller ©©

When I sit and look back in time
I see those times that were the hardest
When I search for happy thoughts
All I get is a throat filled with knots

When I think of those I used to know
I feel sad
When I try and feel what love was like
It’s pain that comes to me

When I’m feeling blue
It’s bluer than blue
When I reach for something bright
All I find is darkness

When I want to lie down and sleep forever
It’s anger that keeps me awake
When I stay awake
I remember it all

When I look at the happy faces
I see the bloody tears running down their cheeks
When I walk through empty spaces
I remember all those faces

When I look down at my hands
They are empty places
When I clinch my fists
They fill with frustration

When I sit back and look at time
I hear it ticking by
When I look at my watch
It’s not working


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