Friday, August 29, 2008

Feeling Life ©©

When I stand out here all alone
I feel something I can’t explain to you
When the wind touches my face
I feel something deep inside but can’t show you

When I walk into the darkness alone
I feel a freedom you will never know
When hell rises up all around me
I feel its warmth energize me

When times get rough
I feel the need to stand firm
When I look at my enemy
I feel pity because I know what they don’t

When I look up at the night sky
I feel bound to this Earth
When the stars move across the sky
I feel my body getting older

When I reach up to touch the untouchable
I feel lost to everyone
When I look down upon my hands
I feel their dwindling strength

When I stand watching the sun set
I feel like I’m being left behind
When I feel the sun rise on my back
I feel like I don’t belong


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