Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Living Life My Way ©©

They call me trouble
When I just live in my own bubble
They say that I stir the pot
All I do is smoke just a little

They say that my walk is provoking
All I do is hold my head up high
They say I steal hearts
Yet my pockets are empty

They say I need to change my ways
Why, when this is me
They want me to stop being what I am
Maybe I am happy with my confidence

They block my way
I push on through
They cry foul
I brush it aside

They stab me with their sharp points
I stand firm
They push me back
I go forward

They say I’m uncontrollable
They are right
They say I must go
I say they could leave any time

They have a lot to say
I say little
They close the lights, plunge me into darkness
I stand in my own light

They say a lot that falls on deaf ears
I do as I choose
They want what they want
I go after what I want

They want me to live the life they choose for me
I live my life my way


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