Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smiling Eyes ©©

Night sweeps in revealing a full moon
The stars twinkling in the background
Like smiling eyes looking down on us
While our eyes smile back

The moon’s glowing warmth engulfs your soul
As a cool breeze wakes you to the world
Caressing your hair
Wiping the tears away with a smile

The eyes of the universe reach out to touch you
They find you where no one else can
Where no one else has ever been before
Those smiling eyes that see into the deepest recess

Lost in the arms of life
Constantly trying to keep a smile
From fading away or lost up above
In that background of unfulfilled dreams

Smiling eyes shine down on the living
Wishing their dreams had come to be
Yet still smiling, knowing
That yours might still be true


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