Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fallen Angel ©©

I stand on the edge of oblivion
Staring off into the void we call life
Listening to the chaos
The screams and fears of the world

One more step to fall endlessly into the unknown
Into the soup of human flesh churning far below
Into the madness
Into the never ending burden of the living

A butterfly flutters just beyond your reach
It’s bright colors flashing from its beating wings
Blinding your thoughts with their beauty
Beckoning you forward, out of the shadows

An open palm extends
Coaxing life to rest within your grasp
Desperately edging closer to the abyss
Craving to touch the heartbeat of the world

The earth crumbles, sending you down
With the wind at you back
Life rushes up to meet you
Your eyes search the night sky for a dream to curl up with

Before you lay down to rest one last time


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